2024 Interior Design Trends: a Surprising Twist

Jan 18, 2024

We spoke to interior designers, architects, and industry professionals. So, join us on a journey through quiet luxury, dark wood tones, biophilic design, sculptural shapes, rustic textures, and a love for authenticity. Explore the vibrant palette of 2024, bid farewell to neutrals, and welcome warm tones. From the latte trend to the resurgence of brown, discover how colour choices are shaping the future of interiors. And in a surprising twist, what is the biggest trend of 2024? Bucking trends altogether! Get ready to infuse your space with warmth, personality, and a dash of daring originality. It's time to make your home uniquely yours.

Thanks to all who contributed to this article: Maria Chandler (Become Interiors), Laura Porter, Mara Bravo (Indomo Architecture), Manuela Hamilford (Hamilford Design), Laurence Katz (Elemental Studio), John Fenlon (Ecohardwood Contractors).

Classic designs

Despite the cost of living crisis or because of it, more of us are looking to invest in classic, quality items that won't date and are made to last. "I've never been one to follow trends blindly. I'm all about timeless design, bringing the curves of nature indoors, and using colours that create the perfect vibes for your space. I love classic designs, and my favourite wood flooring remains a mid-tone herringbone floor. Trends are cool, but let's be real, living in them can be tricky", says interior designer Laurence Katz, Founder of Elemental Studio.

Quiet luxury

Imagine dark woods, plush textures, and traditionally shaped furniture. Instagram-ready rooms with bold statement couches and neon signs are coming out. This aesthetic is more about quality and style than brands. "This trend reflects what we do at Ecohardwood - sourcing highest quality, sustainable materials and crafting long-lasting products with soul, be it wood floors, oak doors, or cladding," notes Dangis Sulzinskas, Founder of Ecohardwood.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design involves bringing natural elements like plants, sunlight, and eco-friendly materials into indoor spaces. People nowadays are eager to invest in products that are friendly to nature and humans. This includes sustainably made furniture, accessories, wooden flooring, oak doors, or other interior design elements. High-quality,FSC@-certified engineered wood flooring or oak doors are considered lifetime investments.

"I'm drawn to biophilia, emphasizing natural, non-toxic options and recycled materials. It's a practical and eco-friendly approach that aligns with the current mindset towards sustainable living," says architect Mara Bravo, Founder of Indomo architecture practice.

"More homeowners are taking the time to carefully choose quality products, especially for the foundational elements of their homes, such as flooring, doors, windows, and walls", agrees John Fenlon, manager of a London-based flooring installation company.

Biophilic Design natural wood floor.
Ecohardwood oak flooring. Colour: Pear / 3418. Interior design: Maria Chandler, Become Interiors. Project in England.

Dark Wood

Say goodbye to light-coloured woods and welcome warmer shades. Interior designers are shifting towards darker wood tones, evident in both flooring and furnishings. "I've enjoyed visiting homes embracing a warmer and less minimal vibe. While a clean and bright interior is still desired, people are realizing when 'bright' is only sometimes appropriate. I encourage clients to consider how they use their spaces, whether a room needs to be bright or if richer, darker tones would suit them better. In other words, 'embrace the dark side,'" suggests interior designer Laura Porter. "Trying to 'whiten' a small, light-starved room won't make it feel bigger. In such cases, I opt for designs using dark and luxurious colours and deep, rich woods like Ecohardwood's beautiful Rosewood flooring finish," adds Porter.

ecohardwood herringbone wood flooring westcott lodge hamilford design
Herringbone wood flooring from Ecohardwood. Colour: Walnut / 3481. Interior design: Hamilford Design. Project in London, Westcott Lodge.

Sculptural Shapes and Curves

Interior design experts suggest that curved shapes in our living spaces help us relax and create a comforting atmosphere. Architectural elements like arches and curved staircases can add interest and depth to a space while fostering a sense of movement and flow. "We live in boxes, so using curves is essential. Architecturally, arches and curved staircases can add intrigue and depth to a space while creating a sense of moment and flow. The classic kidney-shaped sofa and curved accent chairs are some of the more sculptured pieces we love and are easy to incorporate", says Manuela Hamilford, Founder of Hamilford Design.

chevron wood flooring london
Ecohardwood Chevron 45 parquet. Colour: Ivory. Image: Norbet Tukaj.

Rustic Textures

Bringing nature into your home has been popular for a while and is still strong. To keep it lively, experts suggest refreshing it with organic textures. Spruce up your space with cosy touches like internal oak doors, earthy rattan rugs, and handwoven textiles. If you're feeling bold, make a statement with lime-washed walls.

Everyone's after that rustic flooring, and no wonder why: it highlights the material and looks fantastic with light and dark colours, in planks or parquet, whether narrow or wide floorboards. Every oak board tells a story of nature's artistry – a canvas shaped by climate, soil, rain, sun, frost, lightning, and time. Each imperfection has a meaningful tale, adding value and uniqueness to the hardwood.

Renewing and Refurbishing

People are discovering joy in mixing up, renewing, and refurbishing. Laura Porter, an interior designer, is happy that her clients are moving away from matching everything. "I find the question of 'mixed woods' often crops up, especially when choosing new flooring to combine with treasured heirloom furniture," she notes. According to her, the growing trend for 2024 will likely show a renewed love for darker wood furniture, such as teaks, walnuts, and rosewoods. "These can look especially stunning against a paler backdrop, as I found this year when I finally invested in a piece of furniture I have hankered after for the last five years: lovely refurbished Jindrich Halabala chair fits in so beautifully against our pale Ivory floor from Ecohardwood," says Laura.

In 2024, she looks forward to seeing more people embracing the gorgeous things they already have and celebrating them in their homes. "It's more sustainable, better for people's increasingly stretched finances, and gives a home the chance to be an extension of its owner's unique character".
peach interior design trend 2024
Wood flooring: Ecohardwood. Interior design: Laura Porter. Project in England.

Colour Trends

In 2024, we'll witness fewer neutrals like white, beige, and grey, giving way to the growing popularity of warm tones such as brown, pink, tan, clay, terracotta, and peach. These tones instantly add warmth and modernize a space, with browns and camel shades overtaking cooler neutrals for added depth and interest.

"I love colours, and seeing them return to our homes is fantastic. Bold shades like deep reds, rich greens, and earthy browns are gaining popularity as people aim to create inviting spaces. My go-to wood flooring choice is usually a soft pale oak finish, fitting well with nature-inspired colour palettes. Ecohardwood's Pear is my favourite shade!" interior designer, founder of Become Interiors, Maria Chandler shares.

"I lean towards earthy tones like terracotta, sienna, and olive green, paired with calming shades of blue. These colours bring a natural feel to any space," adds architect Mara Bravo.

Peach Fuzz Appeal

"As earthy neutrals take centre stage, Mediterranean terracottas, golden hays, and clay stones will remain popular. With Pantone's 'Peach Fuzz' named Colour of the Year, I expect pastel tones to surge in popularity. Soft and nurturing, pastels offer peace and calm, and we might see pastel sages, dusky pinks, and sea blue kitchen interior design becoming widespread," predicts Laura Porter.

Latte Trend

Inspired by the latte makeup and fashion trend, the latte interior design trend is making its mark, featuring soft tones of beige, brown, and cream. From home textiles to furniture and wall colours, latte decorating is set to become a hit. The fashion-forward trend of latte hues, already seen in clothing, is transitioning into interiors with lacquered walls, velvet drapery, or rich brown flooring. Various shades of grey, resembling the latte look, maintain popularity, especially in grey oak wood flooring, such as Silk, Extra White / 3408, Silver Dust. These grey wood flooring choices are also practical, effectively concealing dust and imperfections.

natural wood flooring ecohardwood latte trend
Ecohardwood Chevron flooring. Colour: Graphite. Inerior design: Habitas. Image: Lukas Mykolaitis.

Brown Colour Trend

Brown is about to take centre stage in interiors, following its success in the fashion world. Decorating with brown has become more popular, offering a warm and cosy feel. Brown wood flooring shades, from rich tones like Tobacco and Rosewood / 3485 to darker hues like Ebony / 3490 and Cognac, add depth to rooms. Brown shades with a hint of grey, like Graphite, provide a modern and unpretentious look. "As we bid farewell to grey, I anticipate more warmth in our interiors this year, with rich, comforting colours that make us feel cosy and secure. I particularly love the chocolatey shades, deep reds, and burgundy tones," expresses Maria Chandler.

brown colour trend ecohardwood herringbone wood flooring
Ecohardwood Herringbone flooring. Colour:  Walnut / 3481.  Interior design: Katie Malik. Image: Maciek Platek.

Wood Flooring Trends

According to Ecohardwood CEO and founder Dangis Sulzinskas, wood flooring is timeless; it never went out of fashion and will always be in style. "Our clients all over London and England love timeless, classy designs. Wooden floors have adorned our grandparents' homes and will continue to grace properties for generations, whether city flats or country estates."

"I believe that beautiful wood flooring is always going to be a safe bet when investing in your new floor - it has warmth and personality, unlike many LVT products which are so popular," shares designer Maria Chandler.

Laura Porter adds her perspective, saying, "I feel the trend towards richer warm woods is one we shall see a lot more of in 2024, but used in wide planks to avoid a very traditional feel."

Wooden Flooring Patterns Remain Popular
"Patterns are in focus this year, especially Herringbone and Chevron flooring. The versatility of wood in creating patterns allows for a personalized touch in design", says architect Mara Bravo.

Designer Maria Chandler mentions the enduring appeal of the herringbone look, particularly in mid-century properties, and emphasizes the classic choice of planks for longevity. Maria prefers a low-sheen finish, allowing the wood's grain to stand out and be enjoyed.

Uniqueness and Authenticity

As interior design leans towards unique, handcrafted and authentic styles, there are several choices on how hardwood flooring can be incorporated. 3D effect is a popular choice for those seeking a dynamic and authentic space: two trending flooring  patterns to consider are Art Deco and Diamond. Another effective option is to add borders to planks or parquet for a more eye-catching flooring design, creating a framing effect.

Chiana premium diamond parquet flooring
Diamond parquet flooring by Ecohardwood. Colour: Cognac.

Uniqueness can be achieved not only with patterns but also through colours. Ecohardwood's impressive Mastri-Toscani flooring collection, created by talented Italian designer Enrico Piselli, includes shades inspired by Tuscanian cities and nature : Cognac, Modern Concrete, Cascade.

Internal oak doors with unique details and patterns are also available at Ecohardwood, allowing each client to tailor oak doors to their unique vision and to choose various elements and details that will add to authenticity or a quiet luxury interior trend.

oak doors uk
Ecohardwood internal oak doors: one panel solid oak doors, flemish style oak doors, modern oak doors.

No trends trend

One of the most significant trends is not following trends at all. In the coming year, creating warm, personalized spaces will be more popular than ever. One of the most significant interior design movements in 2024 has nothing to do with specific items or aesthetics. Instead, it's all about staying true to your style. Home design experts highlight originality as the new trend to watch out for. Explore second-hand furniture with its history. Upcycle heirlooms and preloved pieces, giving them a new lease on life. Showcase keepsakes like souvenirs and cherished photos. Ultimately, let your home reflect who you truly are.

Another way to embrace the originality trend is to take risks based on your taste. Are you thinking about adding black doors to an all-white interior? Contemplating rustic oak doors in a modern new build? Dreaming of painting your walls in that rich jewel tone you've always loved? Make 2024 the year you finally take the plunge.

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