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Ecohardwood is a leading supplier of engineered oak flooring in England, dedicated to excellence in quality, durability, sustainability, and precise engineering. We have earned a well-deserved reputation as masters of oak wood products, delivering craftsmanship to the flooring market since 1999. We manufacture wood flooring for diverse budgets, accommodating high-end projects and those searching for cost-effective wood flooring alternatives in London and the UK. Regardless of the chosen option, Ecohardwood ensures that quality remains uncompromised.

From High-End to Budget-Friendly Oak Flooring Options

Ecohardwood manufactures wood flooring for diverse budgets, accommodating high-end projects and those searching for budget-friendly flooring alternatives. Regardless of the chosen flooring, we ensure that quality remains uncompromised. Ecohardwood customers can pick from four different engineered  wood flooring constructions. Our signature double oak flooring provides exceptional quality, while engineered wood flooring with German Ecoboard is available for those seeking quality budget-friendly flooring alternatives. Find out more about Ecohardwood flooring construction here >>
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7 reasons to choose Ecohardwood oak flooring?

Wood flooring offers numerous advantages over carpeting or laminate. It provides a durable, authentic, and practical option for homeowners looking for a long-lasting, timeless flooring solution. Ecohardwood oak flooring is renowned in the market for its exceptional quality and excellent price. In addition to our premium flooring, we craft oak doors, oak stairs, oak wall cladding, and an array of other oak products, providing you with a wide selection from a single, trusted source.

1. Hygienic Benefits and Allergen Control
Wood floors contribute to a healthier indoor environment. They do not harbour odours, and their smooth surface is less likely to trap and retain bacteria, making them a hygienic choice for households, especially those with pets, children or individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.

2. Environmentally Friendly and Non-Toxic Flooring Option
Ecohardwood oak floors are a completely sustainable product. From responsibly sourcing wood in FSC® certified forests to utilizing solar energy in manufacturing and adopting a zero-waste approach, every step is environmentally conscious. All our oak products are 100% European manufactured using the best available materials. Ecohardwood flooring comes pre-finished with SAICOS oils, known for their natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic properties. These oils have been tested and found suitable for use in children's toys, meeting the standards of the EU Toy Safety Directive Testing (EN 71). Our flooring is crafted using an extra-strong PUR adhesive for structural gluing, ensuring strength without the use of Formaldehyde. Additionally, the longevity of our wood floors means they don't need frequent replacement, reducing the environmental impact over time.

3. Patience and Precision
At Ecohardwood, we prioritize precision and patience in crafting our exceptional flooring. Our Belgian technology slow drying oak process offers multiple benefits, including reduced internal stresses, enhanced dimensional stability, and improved oil absorption for vibrant colour depth. With an average drying cycle of 35 days, our approach ensures unparalleled quality and durability. Moreover, at our factory, we employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure precise cutting, crucial for intricate patterns like Chevron or Herringbone, exemplifying our commitment to geometry and precision throughout our flooring production process.

wood flooring, oak doors, oak stairs
Ecohardwood oak doors, oak stairs, oak wall cladding - all from one trusted source.

4. Durability and Longevity
Engineered wood floors are known for their exceptional durability and can last decades with proper care. Ecohardwood oak floors are perfect for underfloor heating; they can withstand environmental changes, adapt to various temperatures from humid to warm and cold, withstand heavy foot traffic and are less prone to wear and tear than carpets. They can be sanded and refinished multiple times, allowing you to refresh their appearance. Laminate cannot be refinished like solid wood, so any damage may require replacing the affected planks.

5. Authenticity and Beauty of Wood Flooring
Real is beautiful. Although we can see various materials that try to replicate the beauty of natural oak more and more often, it will always look and feel different. Hardwood flooring adds a timeless and elegant look to any space. It has a natural warmth and beauty that can enhance the overall aesthetic of a room. Ecohardwood floors come in various colours and finishes, providing homeowners with a wide range of design options.

chevron oak flooring england
Ecohardwood oak flooring. Colour: Walnut / 3481. Pattern: Chevron. Interior design: SA home. Image: Vytenis Raubickas

6. Wood Floor Cleaning and Care
Taking care of your oak floors is easy. Just steer clear of harsh chemicals that can harm the natural finish. Follow our wood flooring maintenance guide for a simple and effective routine. Regularly sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and debris, and gently mop with a damp, not wet, cloth. These simple steps will keep your oak floor looking great, preserving its beauty and extending its lifespan for years.

7. Increased Home Value
Homes with hardwood flooring sell faster and at higher prices than those with carpeting or laminate. Potential buyers often view hardwood as a premium feature, which can significantly contribute to the overall perceived value of a property.

Wood Flooring Boards and Oak Parquet

Ecohardwood customers can choose from various wood flooring boards or opt for parquet flooring, which comes in classic Chevron and Herringbone patterns and new designs like Diamond, Art Deco, Storm, and Arrows. We constantly collaborate with interior designers, architects, and construction professionals, adding new patterns and designs according to demand and requirements. This diverse range allows homeowners to customize their flooring based on their unique tastes and preferences.

Wood Flooring by Colour

Ecohardwood's engineered oak flooring is not only known for its structural integrity but also for its stunning array of wood colours. Finished with eco-friendly and hardwearing SAICOS hard wax oil, the flooring comes in over 30 colours to choose from, including dark flooring tones like Ebony and Deep Black, as well as unique grey flooring options like Ocean Breeze, Waterfall and Silver Dust or brown floorings such as Walnut or Rosewood. The Mastri Toscani collection, inspired by Tuscan aesthetics, adds an artistic touch to the selection (Cognac, Modern Concrete, Cascade). Crafting Ecohardwood's tailor-made oak wood colors involves a nine-step process. We carefully apply multiple layers of oil, blending different shades to achieve the desired effect.

Oak Flooring Grades

Ecohardwood offers four distinct grades of oak flooring. Character and original grades accentuate the natural beauty of the wood. For those seeking a more uniform appearance, prime and select grades are available, ensuring a polished and consistent look.

Oak Floor Surface Textures

Ecohardwood caters to different flooring surface texture preferences with options like brushed oak or cross-brushed oak. The latter, known for its enhanced strength, is particularly popular in commercial properties.

Wood Flooring by Place

Ecohardwood's engineered oak flooring is suitable for any space in a home, from hallways and living rooms to bedrooms to wood flooring for kitchens. Ecohardwood's flooring has found its place in various commercial properties, including hotels, offices, gyms, spas, restaurants, and shops. This adaptability speaks volumes about the product's quality and appeal.

Wood Flooring Installation

Installing floors usually takes 1 to 4 days for a professional, depending on the project's complexity. This includes preparing the subfloor, installing the flooring, and applying any needed finishing products. We suggest following the best industry practices for laying the wood flooring boards or parquet to achieve a stable and attractive result. Our team collaborates with flooring installation experts like Ecohardwood Contractors, and we're always ready to offer customers professional advice and top recommendations for flooring installation.

We deliver wood floorign, oak doors and other products all across London and the rest of the UK: England ( Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, County Durham, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, East Riding of Yorkshire, East Sussex, Essex, Gloucestershire, Greater London, Greater Manchester, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Hertfordshire, Humberside, Isle of Wight, Isles of Scilly, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Merseyside, Middlesex, Norfolk, North Somerset, North, Yorkshire. Northamptonshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Somerset, South Gloucestershire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Tyne & Wear, Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Sussex. West Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire), Scotland and Wales.

Unfortunately, we don't deliver to Northern Ireland at the moment.

Contact us for more information or visit our wood flooring showroom in London.

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Ideal for underfloor heating Floors, doors, stairs, walls & more Easy maintenance Eco friendly Maximu stability & durability Quality & price FSC Water resistant
Hamilford Design have used Ecohardwood floors across multiple projects. The product is incredible and the team are extremely professional and efficient. We look forward to working with them in the future!
Highly motivated approach to customer service, exceptionally high quality flooring, delivered exactly on the day that was first estimated, extremely pleased and satisfied with the whole experience and will be placing another order in the next month or two for phase 2 of my flooring project.
The product was of excellent quality and very well finished. Beautiful solid light oak, planed on all faces and accurate. Speedy responses to queries before I placed my order, and then a completely smooth experience of ordering and receiving goods. Arrived well packed - really excellent experience - highly recommend Ecohardwood Ltd
We recently collaborated with Ecohardwoods for our project in Ealing, and I must say, the experience was outstanding. A special thanks to Irmantas for his invaluable assistance. His expertise in engineered wood was evident in the quality of materials we received. The precision and quality of their engineered wood contributed immensely to the aesthetic and durability of our project. Our clients were extremely pleased with the results. Kudos to Irmantas and the Ecohardwoods team for their exemplary service and top-tier products. Highly recommend them for anyone in need of premium engineered wood supplies.
We used Dune brushed throughout our new house renovation. Absolutely love it. Beautiful tone, interesting details, hard wearing. I did wax the floors after installation as recommended which takes some time but makes all the difference. Highly recommend.
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