Oak Stairs: Beauty and Functionality

Jan 08, 2024

In England, the demand for bespoke, high-quality oak stairs is rising as homeowners increasingly recognize the value of investing in their living spaces' overall quality and aesthetics. Clients in England are adopting a holistic approach to interior design, emphasizing the seamless integration of elements such as flooring, interior doors, and stairs. Among the natural wood options, oak stands out for its ability to create a warm and inviting home design. With over two decades of expertise in working exclusively with oak, Ecohardwood has become a trusted name in producing top-notch oak flooring, doors, stairs, and other interior products.

Oak is a highly versatile and excellent material for stairs. Oak stairs are among the most desirable for many homeowners due to their durability, practicality, easy maintenance, and elegant style.

oak stairs london
Oak flooring: Ecohardwood. Colour: Walnut. Pattern: Chevron 30. Interior design by Mantas Lataitis. Photo by Leonas Garbaciauskas.

The First Stages of Planning Oak Stairs

Crafting oak staircases is a process that demands precision. When architects and interior designers have initial drawings, they can get in touch with us. We specialize in the manufacturing and crafting of oak stairs tailored to the specific designs and requirements.

Measurements and assessments are crucial to creating a staircase that meets safety standards and enhances the interior's overall aesthetic.

A Wide Range of Stair Treads Options

Ecohardwood provides diverse colour options for stair treads, allowing clients to choose between oak flooring, interior doors, skirting boards, or wall cladding to create a cohesive or contrasting interior design.

Ecohardwood oak stair treads offer a plethora of design possibilities to suit your preferences and complement your home's architecture. Oak stairs can be stained or finished in various ways, allowing you to achieve the perfect match for your existing wood flooring or interior décor. Using oak for treads, risers, and handrails ensures a seamless and consistent look throughout your entire staircase.

oak stairs london
House renovation project in Cambridge. Wood floring: Ecohardwood. Colour: Ivory. Finish: Brushed. Width: 180mm. Grade: Select. Interior design: Katie Malik Studio. Installation: Ecohardwood Contractors. Photo by Maciek Platek.

Oak Stair Cladding

Installing a brand-new wood staircase can be expensive, and in some older UK properties, not even possible. An excellent alternative is to clad your current stairs with engineered oak flooring.  The oak stair cladding, made of 100% solid oak, ensure stability and strength.
Oak cladding involves covering and protecting the existing stairs with wooden floor planks. It's an affordable and easy-to-install option that complements the overall design, adding value to your property. Consider oak stair cladding for a cost-effective way to achieve the timeless beauty of oak in your home.

Oak Staircase Manufacturing

Precision is the hallmark of Ecohardwood's oak staircase manufacturing process. Once the drawings are accepted and details are finalized, the technical design is executed using modern CNC robotic machining centres at the factory. The combination of experienced artisans and state-of-the-art machinery ensures that every staircase element is cut precisely, resulting in a complex structure that combines strength, stability, and aesthetic appeal.

Practical Aspects of Oak Stairs

Beyond aesthetics, oak stairs offer practical benefits. A practical choice for busy households, oak stairs are relatively easy to clean and maintain. The hardwood's resilience means you won't be burdened with extensive upkeep, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your staircase without the hassle of constant maintenance. The hardwood's innate strength ensures that your staircase will endure daily wear and tear with minimal signs of aging, promising longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

oak stairs hamilford design

Wood flooring: Ecohardwood. Colour: Ocean Breeze. Interior: Hamilford Design. Flooring installation: Ecohardwood Contractors.
Location: Costwolds, Lakes by YOO. View project gallery >>

Harmony with Wood Flooring

Speaking of flooring, pairing oak stairs with wood flooring creates a seamless and harmonious aesthetic throughout your home. The natural synergy between the staircase and flooring not only enhances visual appeal but also creates a cohesive flow between different living spaces. This design choice adds a touch of sophistication and elevates the overall ambiance of your home.

oak stairs london
Ecohardwood oak stairs and herringbone flooring. Colour: Anthracite. Interior design: Sabname Salemohamed. Contractor: Platinum Contracts London.

Enhancing the Flow of Your Home

Oak stairs go beyond mere functionality, connecting floors and creating a smooth flow in your living space. The warm tones and natural variations of oak complement different interior designs, turning the staircase into a visual focal point. Beyond practicality, oak stairs become a standout feature, adding character to your living space. From traditional straight staircases to elegant curved or spiral designs, the options are extensive. Floating staircases, where steps seem to levitate, add a modern touch to contemporary interiors. Additionally, bespoke options allow for intricate detailing, such as baluster variations and handrail styles, enabling homeowners to tailor the staircase to their unique preferences.

oak stairs london barbican
Ecohardwood flooring. Colour: Ivory. Interior design by Francisco Sutherland Architects. Photo by Anton Rodriguez. Project in London Barbican, UK. View project gallery >>

Staircase Fitting

The staircase fitting and flooring installation are crucial to ensuring accurate and high-quality results. A seamless process is guaranteed through close collaboration between the installation team, design experts, and production colleagues, highlighting the advantages of purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Ecohardwood Contractors, the team responsible for flooring installation, boasts a decade of expertise. They can confidently ensure that your oak stairs or flooring installation project will conclude with a commitment to quality.

Added Value with Oak Stairs

Choosing oak stairs goes beyond practicality; it's a smart design decision that significantly adds value to your home. Oak's durability ensures a long-lasting investment that can withstand changing design trends, offering timeless elegance adaptable to evolving interior styles. Investing in oak stairs is, in essence, an investment in long-term durability. 

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Our experience at Indomo Ltd has always been positive with Ecohardwood. Their flooring offers an ideal balance between quality and price while being eco-friendly, which is perfect for our clients. The prompt arrival of samples and friendly customer service made the experience smooth. We have specified their flooring throughout the spaces of our project, including the kitchen, as we trust its durability and versatility.
We popped down to the showroom last year and ordered 2-layer Ivory, brushed character planks which we saw online. It was worth the journey as the planks are as beautiful as we thought. We also wanted flooring that the builder would enjoy working with as there is a lot of floor. Fircim Bici (our builder) was really impressed with the quality. But most of all, we have lived with this floor for five months and had many comments as it how beautiful it is.
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