Grey wood flooring | How to choose the perfect shade

Aug 23, 2022

With its stunning look and practical features, the Grey Oak Engineered Wood Flooring perfectly combines solid wood's allure with engineered wood's practicalities. Because grey is a neutral colour, it can be paired with anything. Since grey wood flooring >> shows less dust than dark brown flooring, it is also easier to maintain.


Grey is an easy colour to work with. Having grey hardwood flooring>> installed is a great place to start. Whether you plan to decorate your home or office in monochrome or bright colours, grey will complement both. You can combine grey flooring with contemporary, minimalistic, traditional, and cosy furniture.


There is a wide selection of grey engineered oak flooring available at Ecohardwood. It starts with the bestsellers Waterfall>>. It is tailor-made colour that age beautifully over time.  The Waterfall>>  shade offers a look with a hint of brown and a natural appearance. Take a look at this Blakes kitchen island that sits on a Chevron >> pattern of Ecohardwood in Waterfall>> colour. With an interior design this beautiful, you can see why The Times featured it in their publication. Please view more pics from this project here >>

Ecohardwood Chevron 45° >> parquet oak flooring. Colour: Waterfall>>. Main contractor:  Mascot Bespoke Homes. Kitchen design:  Blakes London. Photo:  Malcolm Menzies.

Here are some more wonderful projects of Waterfall colour  >>

Light grey


A lighter grey wooden floor, like Ecohardwood oak flooring in Ocean Breeze >> colour, will make the room appear larger and more spacious. This shade of grey wooden flooring would be perfect for coastal or Scandinavian style interiors. Nature is at the heart of Scandinavian interior design. The whole space is characterized by functional over decorative features, and the wood flooring is a key component. Light grey wood floors enhance a room's warmth and cosiness while keeping the colour scheme neutral and muted.

For beach house style, pair light grey floors with lighter-toned furniture and accents. Light grey wood floors look great with cream, beige, silver, and sage colours. In addition to adding shabby chic, vintage charm to a room, camel tones are also very suitable for a light grey-washed floor.

Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring. Colour:Ocean Breeze >>. Finish: Sanded >>. Grade: Character >>. Interior:Moxy & Co Studio 


Dark grey

Make a statement in a room by choosing a deep, dark grey colour palette like Anthracite >> or Antique >> from the Ecohardwood collection. Dark grey floors make a dramatic contrast with light-coloured walls. Dark grey hardwood floors also provide a perfect backdrop for brightly coloured furniture and accents, such as red or teal. Gold and honey tones also complement dark grey hardwood floors.

Ecohardwood Herringbone >> parquet oak flooring. Colour: Anthracite >>.Project in the UK, London, Elm Park Road >>. Flooring contractor: 1981 Wood Do Ltd. Photo: Jot Jot Design.


Silver grey


There is something sophisticated and luxurious about silver-grey. With silvery grey flooring, you can modernize your living room. The pale colour makes the room appear more spacious, light, and airy. The space will look beautiful if you match your silver grey hardwood flooring>> with glass or metal accessories. Additionally, this tone pairs well with minimalist home decor, mainly when used as a monochrome colour scheme. As it's a cool colour, warm colours also work well with it. Have a look at interiors with Ecohardwood wooden flooring in Silver Dust >>  shade.


Ecohardwood oak flooring. Colour: Silver Dust >>. Finish: Brushed >>. Grade: Character >>. Interior: Irmina Savickiene, Interjero Kioskas. Photo: Gintaras Miltenis


An engineered wood floor in silver grey can balance out an otherwise busy room. Wood floors with greyer tones and less brown will have more of a modern, contemporary look. Modern Concrete >> is the colour from the Ecohardwood collection if you're looking for an industrial style. Installed in an open space, it goes well with a contemporary interior.

Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring. Colour: Modern Concrete >>. Finish: Cross-brushed >>. Medzio Stilius flagship shop in Kaunas, Lithuania. Photo: Norbert Tukaj.

Earthy grey

Undertones of brown or green can be found in earthy greys. The tone is known as greige because it combines grey, beige, and green together. It offers a great contrast with natural elements such as wood and stone. Graphite shade from Ecohardwood is a good example of earthy tones.

Brown colours with grey undertones can add a bit of modernity to a traditional home. Ecohardwood offers a collection of grey oak wood flooring that also combines brown tones. The colours include Grey >>Graphite>> and Forest Lake >>.

Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring. Colour: Graphite/3477 >>. Finish: Brushed >>. Grade: Select >>. Main contractor: Adrian Design 



Since grey flooring shows less dust than dark brown flooring, it is easier to maintain. Ecohardwood oak flooring is also treated with non-toxic glue and stains from German manufacturer SAICOS >>  to protect it and make it easier to clean. Our flooring is manufactured environmentally friendly using the highest quality materials, of which the most important is European oak. The 3-layer symmetrical true balance construction >> makes the floor ideal for underfloor heating and ensures stability.  

Highly motivated approach to customer service, exceptionally high quality flooring, delivered exactly on the day that was first estimated, extremely pleased and satisfied with the whole experience and will be placing another order in the next month or two for phase 2 of my flooring project.
We popped down to the showroom last year and ordered 2-layer Ivory, brushed character planks which we saw online. It was worth the journey as the planks are as beautiful as we thought. We also wanted flooring that the builder would enjoy working with as there is a lot of floor. Fircim Bici (our builder) was really impressed with the quality. But most of all, we have lived with this floor for five months and had many comments as it how beautiful it is.
We recently collaborated with Ecohardwoods for our project in Ealing, and I must say, the experience was outstanding. A special thanks to Irmantas for his invaluable assistance. His expertise in engineered wood was evident in the quality of materials we received. The precision and quality of their engineered wood contributed immensely to the aesthetic and durability of our project. Our clients were extremely pleased with the results. Kudos to Irmantas and the Ecohardwoods team for their exemplary service and top-tier products. Highly recommend them for anyone in need of premium engineered wood supplies.
Our experience at Indomo Ltd has always been positive with Ecohardwood. Their flooring offers an ideal balance between quality and price while being eco-friendly, which is perfect for our clients. The prompt arrival of samples and friendly customer service made the experience smooth. We have specified their flooring throughout the spaces of our project, including the kitchen, as we trust its durability and versatility.
Hamilford Design have used Ecohardwood floors across multiple projects. The product is incredible and the team are extremely professional and efficient. We look forward to working with them in the future!
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