Reimagining Wood: The Architect at Work 2024 Dialogue on Timber's Vital Role

Mar 22, 2024

No one ever said, 'Let's remove this wood flooring to see if there's beautiful carpet underneath,' right?

Ecohardwood was at the Architect at Work 2024 event recently, where the 'Timber Inside Out' panel, filled with industry experts, shared insights into how important timber is in architecture and design.

Everyone agreed: wood isn't just another material; it's key to sustainable and healthy buildings. The talks at the event made it clear that it's important not only to enjoy how materials look but also to know where they come from, what they are made of, and how they affect both humans and nature.

This year's theme, “People + Planet: designing from the ground up,” perfectly encapsulated our ethos of crafting sustainable, high-quality wood floors and other wood products, like oak doors, oak stairs, and wood cladding. The journey of our products - from careful selection of FSC-certified wood to every step of manufacturing and crafting - is guided by a commitment to nature and healthy environment.

The panel discussion led by Vanessa Norwood and featuring industry experts like Anna Lisa McSweeney, White Arkitekter, bespoke fine furniture designer Sebastian Cox, Parvathy Vipulendran, SODA Studio, and architect Charles Tashima, provided profound insights into the role of timber in architecture and design.
architect at work timber wood

Wood, a material as ancient as civilisation, took centre stage in this dialogue. 

Anna Lisa McSweeney highlighted the profound connection between timber and health. She also spoke of the circular economy and the use of local, low-carbon materials, emphasising that natural materials not only meet sustainability criteria but also enhance well-being. "Timber isn't endless," she reminded the audience, advocating for its thoughtful use to ensure longevity and circularity.

Parvathy Vipulendran shared insights into the transformative power of timber in interior design, particularly through the refurbishment of the Liberty Building. The project uncovered original parquet flooring, exemplifying how sustainable practices can unearth and restore hidden beauty. 

Sebastian Cox offered a unique perspective on timber, viewing it not just as a material but as an ecosystem. His understanding of timber's lifecycle - from growth to reuse - underscored the importance of conscious consumption and appreciation for the material's journey.

Architect Charles Tashima shared that his presentation focuses on changing how we view and use timber. He sees timber as a material that is not only reusable but also carries a unique character and history. He celebrates timber for its life cycle - how it grows, dies, and is reborn, and how it can live on in buildings. Tashima is fascinated by how timber captures time, showing its history through scratches, marks, and wear. He believes that thinking about timber in this way - considering its sustainability, its story, and the atmosphere it creates - is crucial.

Vanessa Norwood called for a greater appreciation of the materials we use, emphasising the importance of recognising their value and how they can be used in the future. She believes that by understanding the entire process from raw material to finished product, we can create designs that are both sustainable and respectful of material lifecycles, ultimately enhancing our environments.

The "Timber Inside Out" panel at Architect at Work 2024 praised wood's flexibility and eco-friendliness, pushing for a new way of thinking about materials in architecture and design. Looking ahead, the push for using timber aims to lead us towards a greener, healthier, and more beautiful built environment, where wood not only serves a functional purpose but also carries stories of innovation, history, and dedication to the well-being of our planet.

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