Quality is not an accident | How Ecohardwood double oak flooring is made

Nov 29, 2022

Any property with engineered wood flooring will increase in value. However, a wide variety of oak products are available on the market. Experts can tell the difference at a glance. We are ready to provide some insights to help our clients learn more and feel confident in making the right choices. At our state-of-the-art factory, with over 20 years of experience in the flooring industry, we prioritize quality, responsible forestry, and sustainable production.

So what is the secret behind our top-quality engineered oak flooring? Ecohardwood ensures it through well-organized processes, responsible sourcing, modern technologies, equipment and craftsmanship. With this combination, the product stands out clearly in the market and has been well-received by interior designers, architects, and clients. To ensure the highest quality, we only sell flooring that we manufacture ourselves.

engineered wood flooring manufacturing
The Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring is produced using renewable energy.

Wood flooring durability depends on oak drying

The highest manufacturing standards and precise technical solutions make our factory stand out. At our facilities, we use Belgian-made machines to begin the drying process. As we use top-class equipment, we can use a slow drying regime at maximum capacity, which is crucial for product durability. There is hardly another manufacturer with a drying cycle that lasts an average of 35 days. Oak requires patience, so we go slowly.

engineered wood flooring manufacturing

The importance of the wood oiling process

Using our technology, we can oil oak flooring smoothly. In applying oil, we intend to maintain oak's natural look & feel while giving it some of the colours for an array of interior design options. By hand, an eco-friendly SAICOS oil made in Germany is applied to wooden planks. Prefinished oiled items are dried entirely under natural conditions: they remain at room temperature for some time and are ventilated naturally without any artificial speeding. While it may sound simple, the time we give oil after it's been applied ensures that it is absorbed completely and will continue to provide long-lasting benefits to any household. It is a patient process implemented by our team of oak masters.

oak flooring manufacturing

Exquisite oak parquet flooring: precision beyond limits

In the Herringbone and Chevron wood flooring patterns, shorter floorboards are laid out at angles, and the planks are cut and installed differently. In each case, precision is crucial!

Herringbone flooring is made from rectangular planks, all cut to the same size. It creates a kind of broken zigzag pattern prized for its asymmetry because each plank sits 90° away from the other.

In contrast, Chevron flooring pattern is made with planks where the ends of each board are cut at an angle of 30°, 45°. An inverted V pattern is created when the boards are fitted together. Whether the angle is 30°, 45°, or 90°, our computerized automated machines can achieve it precisely.

The Ecohardwood company is a respected supplier of engineered oak flooring in England. We are trusted by partners, designers, architects and recommended by customers. When you select our products, you will receive incredible style, outstanding quality, and durable products.

Have questions or want to learn more about our wooden floor company? Don't hesitate to contact our team: [email protected], 020 3759 0771

Highly motivated approach to customer service, exceptionally high quality flooring, delivered exactly on the day that was first estimated, extremely pleased and satisfied with the whole experience and will be placing another order in the next month or two for phase 2 of my flooring project.
Hamilford Design have used Ecohardwood floors across multiple projects. The product is incredible and the team are extremely professional and efficient. We look forward to working with them in the future!
We recently collaborated with Ecohardwoods for our project in Ealing, and I must say, the experience was outstanding. A special thanks to Irmantas for his invaluable assistance. His expertise in engineered wood was evident in the quality of materials we received. The precision and quality of their engineered wood contributed immensely to the aesthetic and durability of our project. Our clients were extremely pleased with the results. Kudos to Irmantas and the Ecohardwoods team for their exemplary service and top-tier products. Highly recommend them for anyone in need of premium engineered wood supplies.
We used Dune brushed throughout our new house renovation. Absolutely love it. Beautiful tone, interesting details, hard wearing. I did wax the floors after installation as recommended which takes some time but makes all the difference. Highly recommend.
The product was of excellent quality and very well finished. Beautiful solid light oak, planed on all faces and accurate. Speedy responses to queries before I placed my order, and then a completely smooth experience of ordering and receiving goods. Arrived well packed - really excellent experience - highly recommend Ecohardwood Ltd
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