Let there be light | White wood flooring trends

Apr 27, 2022

In today’s increasingly hectic world, creating a place where you can relax after a long day at work or have a productive work environment at home is becoming more popular. Our colour preferences are shifting to the lighter end of the spectrum in 2022. With whitewashed, beachy styles on the rise, light, bright, positive, and calm colours are becoming increasingly popular.

When oak wood is whitewashed, it has a white appearance while maintaining the natural wood grain to preserve its charm and beauty. This trend is particularly popular in country, classic style, and seaside homes in England.

Most engineered hardwood floors have natural wood marks, but some home owners, interior designers, and architects prefer the softer, whitened look. Bleached wood is used for this type of wood flooring. A bleached wood effect is achieved by removing the natural colour of the wood.

Despite the word ‘white’ in its title, white oak flooring comes in various shades. Ecohardwood offers engineered wood flooring in colours such as Nordic White, Extra White, Silk, and Ivory, or light greys, such as Ocean Breeze.

White oak flooring interiors

The decorating possibilities are endless with white oak flooring. You can create a chic, contemporary, urban, industrial look or a rustic, homey feel. White oak wood floors are a perfect canvas to start from and work well for many different decor styles. The lighter wood naturally leans toward cooler tones, making it ideal for decorating with blues and greys. But when you start with white, you can build a palette around any colour.

There are many interior styles where whitewash, bleached or white wood flooring works well, including a coastal, farmhouse, modern, and Scandinavian.

Here are some interior styles that pair well with blonde wood floors:

Scandinavian interiors with white wood flooring

White wooden floors are traditionally associated with cosy, clean, minimalistic Scandinavian decor. Scandinavian interiors are open and bright, making the most of natural light. A white oak floor is a design feature that makes a striking statement. It pairs beautifully with mid-century furniture. This decor style uses natural elements like leather and wood. You can accessorize and add texture to your home by using neutral coloured chunky knitted blankets and fur rugs.

Shabby chic interior design

Shabby chic is known for its painted antique furniture that combines beautifully with white wooden floorboards. Whitewashed wood floors are the most popular choice for shabby chic homes due to their natural appeal and sometimes aged appearance. Shabby Chic rooms can also be decorated with pale pastels and earth tones - typically pinks, blues, and greens.

white oak flooring
Ecoharwood engineered oak flooring. Colour: Ocean Breeze. Grade: Character. Interior: Moxy & Co Studio.

Rustic interiors with white oak flooring

Natural materials such as wood create an authentic look when it comes to flooring in a rustic interior. Typically, organic fabrics such as canvas, wool, and linen are often used to create a rustic feel. Adding textured rugs to the room will enhance the rustic look. Mixing furniture from reclaimed wood and vintage pieces will lend the room an even more cosy rustic charm.

Coastal style interior design

Simple, elegant and styled with comfort at its core. Whitewashed, coastal floor trends will work wonders in creating a light, airy feel. Soft neutral tones of bleached oak flooring create a calming and relaxing environment with a coastal vibe. An ocean palette of off-whites and light textures sits perfectly with white wooden floors to create this look. Seaside tones and a peaceful feel are especially evoked by whitewashed wood floors.

white wood flooring
Ecoharwood engineered oak flooring. Colour: Extra White/3408. Grade: Select. Interior: Francisco Sutherland Architects. Photo: Anton Rodriguez. 

Industrial interior design

Additionally, white floors are ideal for urban, industrial interiors with a modern and sleek look. This style is simple, bold, comfortable, and minimalist, all at once. White wooden flooring gives a bright, airy and positive atmosphere to sometimes cold and stony spaces. To create an industrial themed interior core, grayscale and neutral colours can be used -- black, brown, grey, white, and everything in between.

white oak flooring
Ecoharwood engineered oak flooring. Colour: Extra White/3408. Interior: Archispektras.

It may seem that engineered white oak flooring will look best in select grade without any knots. However, don’t rush to eliminate the rustic look, which celebrates the character of the wood.

Please browse our available white engineered oak floor >> options and choose the one most suitable. You are welcome to request free samples!

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