This month we dedicate to herringbone wood flooring >>, which distinctive, delicate pattern adds sophistication and elegance to any space it graces. From the ancient world to the modern-day, herringbone is a classic style that will stand the test of time.


Ecohardwood herringbone parquet oak flooring. Colour: Natural Oak/3305>>  Size: 140mm x 700mm. Interior: Moxy & Co Studio




Herringbone flooring design mimics the fish scales and has been used in homes for centuries. In ancient Egypt, it was reserved for Pharaohs and their homes. The Egyptians believed that this pattern would ward off evil spirits. In the Roman Empire, herringbone patterns were used to create extremely durable and stable roads. Nowadays, it can be found in various places, from offices to restaurants to private residences.




Herringbone is a parquet flooring consisting of wood boards arranged at a 90-degree angle. Geometric precision and attention to detail are essential parts of parquet flooring. Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring parquet is made using the latest machinery that cuts the floorboards at the most precise and accurate angles in the market. This is especially relevant if you select the herringbone pattern as it requires precision cutting.





A herringbone floor has rectangular planks placed at a perfect 90° angle to each other.  A chevron floor can be laid out in a variety of angles (30° (60°), 45°) by adjusting how the ends of each plank are cut. The ends of herringbone planks exhibit an overlapping and broken appearance, whereas the V shapes of chevron flooring are separated by straight lines that run the length of the floor.




While there is a wide variety of wood flooring options, herringbone is one of the most popular designs. Not only does it add more detail, texture, and character to any space, but it can also be used as a transitional or finishing touch to any room. It's one of those wood floor patterns you often see in museums and palaces that's both elegant and understated. If you want an upscale look in your entry and living room, then herringbone is the answer. When combined with simple furnishings and minimal accessories, it transforms plain into classy.


Herringbone creates an optical illusion of a larger area because the eye is drawn to the wide part of the "V" in the pattern. Due to this effect, herringbone floors are good for compact spaces.


Oak herringbone flooring can be laid in a number of different ways:

- Traditional herringbone. With herringbone wood flooring, the effect is achieved by putting the planks of wood together side-to-side and creating a zigzag pattern. There are various widths and lengths of herringbone wood flooring to achieve many different looks.


- Double herringbone. A classic herringbone design is combined with two blocks of herringbone to create a unique and effective design. The combination gives the project a distinct look that stands out from the norm.


- Diagonal herringbone. A parquet with diagonal herringbone patterns is a beautiful solution for rooms with irregular shapes or when the focal point of the room needs extra attention. 


Ecohardwood diagonal herringbone Parquet oak flooring. Colour: Extra White/3408. Grade: Character


Herringbone with border. In order to create a classically crafted look around the perimeter, a border can be used on all sides. It opens up a huge variety of decorative possibilities. Most widely used are single or double borders.


Ecohardwood Herringbone parquet oak flooring with a triple border. Colour: Waterfall>>. Contractor: Tuttoparquet


A herringbone floor looks best with the points running in the longest direction of the room or directed at a focal point. To figure this out, a straight line should be drawn down the center of the room.

Ecohardwood herringbone parquet oak flooring. Colour: Naturale >>


Based on the grade and colour of wooden flooring, each pattern can differ dramatically. Colour and grain variation in darker woods can create more striking designs, while lighter wood with less variation mimics more traditional patterns. At Ecohardwood, an engineered oak flooring is available in many stunning shades, including natural, grey, dark, light oak or white shades.


When thinking about herringbone oak flooring, you also must consider the size of the wood planks. The look of the pattern will be tighter and more detailed with thinner planks, while a bolder design will be achieved with long and wide planks. You can completely change the feel of your room by choosing the right colour and size of planks.