Oak is the soul of all Ecowood Group members. From day one, we built an environmentally and socially responsible company. As many of our employees are foresters, we know how to preserve nature for future generations.

We source our oak wood from carefully selected, responsibly managed European forests. By purchasing raw materials from FSC®-certified suppliers, we are pursuing the goal of sustainability in our day-to-day operations. Forest management programs conserve forest resources and ensure responsible maintenance and reforestation. However, this is not enough.

 It is crucial that we plant new trees because they are an essential part of our everyday lives. Our responsibility is to return nature's gifts and maintain the balance.

Shared purpose

Ecowood Group members - Ecohardwood in the United Kingdom, the Ecowood plant, Medzio Stilius in Lithuania, Styl Drzewa in Poland, the Dubava Sawmill in Ukraine, and Oak Style have built a tradition of planting trees every year.

We plant oak forests every spring to show our respect for trees. We are united in our efforts to ensure that hundreds of sturdy, solid and long-lasting oaks grow on our planet in the future. As a result of our shared purpose, we have been able to learn how to cooperate more effectively and establish stronger relationships between teams from different countries.

Only one in ten oaks will reach maturity (only the strongest will survive). Therefore, this year Ecowood group employees gathered in Lithuania to plant 4000 oak trees.


The former head of the Medzio Stilius Vilnius branch, Vytautas, explained how to plant oak trees correctly to ensure they would flourish. After working for the company for seventeen years, Vytautas has recently returned to his first occupation, forestry. He now works as a forester for the Lithuanian State Forest Enterprise. The members of the Ecowood group were grateful for Vytautas' willingness to share his knowledge with them. Again, he became our leader in the context of oak planting.

Planting trees nationwide

It is man's responsibility to take care of nature's gift to him. A careless approach to nature has become increasingly prevalent on Earth, making tree-planting initiatives even more important.

A nationwide tree-planting initiative took place the same weekend that we planted oak trees. This was probably the largest forest planting in Lithuania, organized by the State Forest Enterprise. In the regional divisions of the SFE, companies, organizations, communities, and individuals planted trees. In all, 748 hectares of forests were planted.

Businesses, as well as consumers in Lithuania and around the world, now recognize the importance of conserving resources and taking environmentally friendly steps.