Ecohardwood is renowned for its responsible approach to forestry, sustainable engineered oak flooring production, and respect for the environment. Not only is our product eco-friendly, but it is also 100% European.



 Our Lithuanian manufacturer Ecowood UAB agrees that the journey from purchasing raw materials, matching quality processing standards to flooring production, requires precision planning and expertise.

We are proud to have established relationships with European timber suppliers. Both raw oak and birch plywood that we use to manufacture our products have their origins documented and are made from sustainably sourced forests for further industrial processing.

One of the reasons why European oak is preferred over American or Asian oak among customers and flooring contractors is the durability and longevity. The flooring made of European oak is easy to install, hardwearing, and doesn’t expand and shrink to any great extent. 
It is also important to note that having European materials delivered to Lithuania means that we avoid long distance transportation resulting in a cleaner carbon footprint.



After raw materials are carefully processed at our local manufacturing facility, production of the flooring begins. 

We use German quality adhesive to glue layers of the floorboards together which ensure absolute stability. Next, our beautiful flooring is coated using stains and oils from German brand SAICOS, the leading manufacturer of wood coating systems. Saicos production is non-toxic and eco-friendly which matches our goal to produce ecological flooring. Lastly, when it comes to the installation process, we recommend using STAUF adhesives, primers, and underlays. STAUF was established in Germany in 1828 and has been the leader in adhesive technology ever since. 




To reduce pollution and energy consumption during production, a solar power plant was installed at the factory’s premises in Vilkija, Lithuania. It is one of the biggest solar power plants in the country. All of our products are now being produced in a sustainable manner using green energy, whilst contributing to the environment and fighting climate change.

Nothing goes to waste. Wood offcuts and shavings are recycled into charcoal briquettes which are in turn given to the local community.

In contribution to European forestry, every spring, our colleagues at the factory gather with the locals to plant oak trees. Over 2000 oaks are being planted annually.