Creating healthy spaces for kids: the importance of non-toxic flooring in children's rooms

Jun 02, 2023

Ecohardwood Chevron oak wood flooring. Colour: 3481 / Walnut. Interior design: Dizaino Inkilas. Image: Benas Sileika.

When it comes to our children's well-being, we want nothing but the best. Creating a safe and healthy environment for them to grow and play is a top priority. One crucial aspect of a child-friendly space is the flooring. Opting for non-toxic flooring ensures their safety and contributes to a sustainable future. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of non-toxic flooring in kids' rooms, focusing on using non-toxic materials and embracing sustainability to benefit our future generation.

Protecting your child's health: how wood flooring can help?

When children crawl and play on the floor, they come into direct contact with the materials beneath them. Traditional carpets or vinyl flooring may contain harmful chemicals that can affect indoor air quality and pose health risks. At Ecohardwood, we prioritize your child's well-being by using only non-toxic materials, such as Saicos oil, which is used to manufacture children's toys. Our oak wood flooring provides a safe and natural surface, free from harmful substances, ensuring a healthy environment for your little ones to grow and explore.

oak wood flooring
Ecohardwood oak wood flooring. Interior design: Olga Nazarova.

Sustainable oak flooring for the future generation

As parents, we want to leave a better world for our children. Ecohardwood shares this commitment to the future generation by embracing sustainable practices. Our oak wood flooring is sourced from responsibly managed forests, ensuring the preservation of natural resources. 

Wood flooring: easy maintenance and cleanliness

Kids' rooms can be prone to spills, accidents, and messes. Fortunately, our oak wood flooring offers ease of maintenance and cleanliness. Unlike carpets that trap dust, allergens, and odours, oak wood flooring provides a smooth and hygienic surface that can be easily swept, vacuumed, or mopped. Worry less about stains and allergens, and spend more quality time with your children, knowing that cleaning up is a breeze.

Oak wood flooring vs carpets or vinyl

When considering flooring options for your child's room, oak wood flooring offers several advantages over carpets or vinyl. Unlike carpets, our oak wood flooring doesn't harbour dust mites, pet dander, or other allergens that can trigger respiratory issues or allergies. It provides a solid, sturdy surface, ideal for crawling, walking, and playing. 
Investing in non-toxic flooring for your child's room is a decision that impacts their health, safety, and the environment they will inherit. At Ecohardwood, we take pride in offering premium quality oak flooring that is durable, non-toxic, sustainable, easy to maintain, and clean. 
Remember, our children's well-being starts from the ground up!

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The product was of excellent quality and very well finished. Beautiful solid light oak, planed on all faces and accurate. Speedy responses to queries before I placed my order, and then a completely smooth experience of ordering and receiving goods. Arrived well packed - really excellent experience - highly recommend Ecohardwood Ltd
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We used Dune brushed throughout our new house renovation. Absolutely love it. Beautiful tone, interesting details, hard wearing. I did wax the floors after installation as recommended which takes some time but makes all the difference. Highly recommend.
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