Creating a home with Ecohardwood wood floors and oak doors: quality meets eco-consciousness

Sep 20, 2023

For Guoda and Laimis, creating their ideal living space was a journey marked by careful planning, an eye for detail, and a passion for all things long-lasting and natural. In their home, every corner reflects their unwavering commitment to harmony, quality, and eco-consciousness. "It's a minimalist and modern space flooded with natural light," Guoda says. "Even on gloomy days, there's no need for additional sources of light. Light, space, and a strong foundation were the main criteria."

Ecohardwood oak wood flooring. Colour: White Transparent. Grade: Select. Finish: Brushed.

"I’m passionate about interior design," Guoda remarks, "and that passion guided every decision we made. The entire process was fascinating to me. We wanted to create everything ourselves, with only some technical assistance for functional zoning."

The choice of Ecohardwood light wood flooring and oak doors was made after thorough research. "One of the key reasons," Guoda highlights, "was the unanimous advice from designers and architects to get the foundation right. They emphasized that you can skimp on budget furniture, curtains, and other details," she continues, "but investing in a solid foundation, like solid wood flooring, is crucial – high-quality wood floors, doors, and windows. All the professionals advised that everything else can be changed or repainted, but replacing these fundamental elements would be the most challenging."

"We are really thankful for this advice today," she adds.

Oak wood floors for warmth and comfort

The decision to opt for Ecohardwood was also rooted in their nostalgic memories. "Both my husband and I grew up in small villages," she recalls fondly, "and remember playing on our grandparents' natural wooden floors. We wanted something similar."

"We also share our home with playful and cheeky miniature poodle Gazas," she explains, "so we wanted our house to be pet-friendly. We try to stay away as much as possible from any harmful toxins that are dangerous to humans, animals, and nature."

Two years into their journey, the home stands as a testament to the durability of their choices. The kitchen, often a battleground for spills and stains, is where the Ecohardwood wood floors truly shine. Cleaning is effortless, and the texture and colour of the oak floors do an excellent job of concealing minor dust particles. "It's a very durable but at the same time delicate surface," Guoda admits, "but we love its character, the grain patterns, and the natural look. I even have two favourite boards, one in the kitchen and one in the hallway. It's beautiful to see how they were crafted from natural wood, displaying those unique patterns and shades."

Ecohardwood oak wood flooring. Colour: White Transparent. Grade: Select. Finish: Brushed.

The entire interior is designed around the floors, doors, and windows. It's a canvas painted in earthy and neutral tones, with natural fabrics and surfaces providing the finishing touches. The kitchen boasts natural stone and a wooden kitchen island, while linen curtains in the open-plan living space add to the home's tactile allure. "When I yearn for colour," Guoda reflects, "I simply get a colourful flower bouquet. They infuse life into the space, and by the time I get bored of one colour, I can change it to another."

Underfloor heating, a choice that balances warmth and economy, envelops the home in cosy comfort. "Our heating costs are low because natural wood retains heat well and adapts to the climate. The natural light streaming in from the windows enhances this effect. Even on cold but sunny days, simply opening the curtains allows the floors to radiate comforting warmth, ensuring a consistently pleasant temperature."

Guoda's role as a Creative Director in branding and design resonates with the home's aesthetic, while Laimis, the CEO of a wood export company, ensures that the foundation of their home is solid and enduring. He knows the quality standards of wood and can distinguish whether boards are made for quality or quick sales, not suitable for a long-lasting home. 

Guoda often works from home. She jokes that she even hesitated to buy furniture because working with a laptop on the oak floor is a pleasure. "The wood floors are the most striking accent, and I don't want to cover them with furniture or carpets. The work environment at home should be cosy, peaceful, and inspiring."

Lessons from home building journey

The journey to their dream home was not without its challenges. "Everything was complex," says Guoda. "What would we do differently? The most difficult aspect was the electricity planning, so we would review that more carefully. However, we had professional help everywhere, which made a significant difference. Still, sometimes we had to make adjustments – we had to redo the windows. It required patience and time.”

Now that the couple lives comfortably, their advice for those starting or dreaming of a house building or renovation project is to trust your gut. "If something doesn't seem right, always ask. Even when professionals are involved, mistakes can happen (as they did with our windows). Sometimes you need to be assertive. Don't limit yourself to others' boundaries; know your own. And, of course, the foundation is the most crucial. Not just the concrete in the ground but the core – floors, doors, and windows. I'm also delighted that I chose natural and neutral elements and colours, a foundation that complements everything, simple and easy to maintain. Choose reliable craftsmen and materials."

Chasing sunsets

Building their dream home from scratch was an interesting process, one filled with innovative ideas. "It was fascinating when the interior designer showed us a 3D model of how our house would look in different seasons, at different times of the day, and how the lighting would change," Guoda recalls. "For instance, based on that, I adjusted the positioning of windows in the living room to maximize natural light during the day."

The house layout, cleverly designed in a U-shape, carves out spaces for lively gatherings and tranquil retreats - while some might have late night, others can enjoy calm sleep in the bedroom. The living room seamlessly flows into a terrace, merging indoor and outdoor living. "We prioritized comfort, functionality, and practicality," says Guoda. "Every detail had to serve a purpose."

Their home isn't just a personal haven. It's a space where gatherings unfold without the fear of accidents or spills. "Our guests can relax," Guoda smiles, "and we can enjoy their company without worrying about a thing."

"We love having guests," she adds, "and they can bring their children and pets. We enjoy hosting parties. It's wonderful to have a home where guests can feel at ease, and the hosts don't stress about something breaking or getting stained."

The kitchen island is the central hub. "All the action centres around the kitchen island," Guoda explains, "even though we have plenty of space to sit elsewhere. Having a kitchen island is the best decision. I would even make it bigger."

Ecohardwood oak wood flooring and oak doors. Colour: White Transparent. Grade: Select. Finish: Brushed. Oak doors: Scandinavian style, ED1F.

The couple's discerning approach avoids superfluous details, resulting in a space that feels uncluttered and liberating. Wide terrace doors and strategically placed windows ensure that breathtaking sunsets are captured in all their glory. 

"We always receive compliments about the natural light," she concludes. "When working on the house project I've strategically calculated the position of the windows so that from May to September, we always have visible sunsets on the terrace. We love spending time there."

We used Dune brushed throughout our new house renovation. Absolutely love it. Beautiful tone, interesting details, hard wearing. I did wax the floors after installation as recommended which takes some time but makes all the difference. Highly recommend.
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