Chevron wood flooring | Style of the month

Oct 11, 2022

In our style of the month, we're featuring Chevron flooring, an elegant symbol of old-world charm that works well in industrial and minimalist spaces. Known as one of the most luxurious and versatile flooring solutions, Chevron is renowned for its timeless aesthetics. A famous example of Chevron flooring is the flooring in the Palace of Versailles. Since it was installed there in the 1600s, Chevron today isn't only for the royals but incorporates a classic French period look into any interior design.

What is Chevron flooring? 

Chevron wood floors are those whose ends are cut at an angle so that when two boards meet, they form a perfect V shape. The Chevron pattern appears as a long string of arrows and zigzags when it covers an entire floor. A 45-degree angle is most commonly used for cutting Chevron flooring. There is also Chevron oak flooring cut at a 30-degree angle available from Ecohardwood.

Oak parquet flooring such as Herringbone  and Chevron patterns are often confused with each other. The two styles are, however, quite different, and Chevron wood flooring provides a more symmetrical, uniform appearance.

chevron flooring
Ecohardwood Chevron 45° parquet oak flooring. Colour: White Transparent/3409. Width: 140mm x 600mm. Grade: Select. Project in Lithuania by architect Kristijonas Murauskas and interior designer Laura Gintilaite Murauskiene.

What are the best rooms for chevron flooring?

Engineered wood floors are known for their ability to withstand moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations, and other factors that may affect their condition. Furthermore, Ecohardwood advanced 3-layer floorboard structure guarantees minimized wood shrinkage and swelling, maximum all-dimensional stability in natural room environment changes and is ideal for underfloor heating. Therefore, we recommend engineered wood if you want a Chevron parquet in your bathroom, kitchen or conservatory. 

Otherwise, any room in your home, office or commercial building will look sophisticated when you install Chevron wooden floors. There is continued popularity of Chevron patterns in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining areas. Installing a Chevron floor in your hallway creates a grand entrance to your house.

chevron flooring
Ecohardwood Chevron parquet oak flooring. Colour: Cognac. Project in Lithuania, interior designers: Antanas Ruminas & Edita Visockiene. Photo: Gintaras Miltenis.

chevron flooring
Ecohardwood Chevron parquet oak flooring. Colour: Graphite/3477

Chevron flooring interior design tips

The floor dramatically influences the overall look of the space. As a highly decorative pattern, Chevron is very eye-catching. You can highlight the pattern's uniqueness even more by incorporating heavy furniture, curtains, or carpets in the room. 

The Chevron wood floor works well with a minimalistic design as well. It will seamlessly blend into Scandinavian or Provencal decor.

Because of its origin, the chevron pattern is associated with regal luxury and sophistication. Since the chevron pattern visually expands smaller rooms, it's a popular choice for smaller spaces.

Classic wood colour will always add a natural touch to an interior. Alternatively, you can choose a modern Chevron style in bold, unexpected colours and finishes. At Ecohardwood, you can select from a variety of lighter or darker oak wood floors, such as Nordic WhiteOcean BreezeNatural OakLight NutDeep BlackAnthraciteCognac and many more. Check out our parquet flooring colour selection >>.

It is important to note that natural light greatly influences wooden flooring colour and shade. Consider the position of the windows before installing flooring. It is easy to achieve a uniform colour shade by orienting Chevron oak flooring towards the light. A Chevron pattern opposite the light source will result in a light-dark contrast.

chevron flooring
Ecohardwood Chevron 45° parquet oak flooring. Colour: Waterfall. Main contractor: Mascot Bespoke Homes. Kitchen design: Blakes London. Photo: Malcolm Menzies.

Chevron patterns without borders create a refined, clean look on the floor. The border, on the other hand, frames the design and emphasizes the room's shape.

Our Chevron oak flooring comes in dimensions ranging from 115mm x 575mm up to 180mm x 900mm >>. Learn more about Ecohardwood Chevron flooring here >>.

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