Since we spend a great deal of time indoors, our surroundings are increasingly important for our well-being. Getting in touch with nature as much as possible is vital. Using wood is an easy way to bring nature inside and make our homes feel more welcoming. Installing Character grade>>   oak floors adds depth and warmth into the space and allows you to interact with nature and benefit from the calming effect that wood has on the mind. 

Popular choice

Wooden floors with plenty of character are becoming increasingly popular. The Character oak engineered floors remain among our top sellers.

Ecohardwood character grade engineered oak flooring has a natural appearance and displays the full characteristics of hardwood. The wood's natural beauty is enhanced by variations in colour and grain, tiny surface knots, cracks, wormholes and mineral streaks. Seeing the knots and grains in the wood brings us closer to nature.

 Our company factory in Lithuania Ecowood engineered oak flooring offers high resistance to temperature fluctuations and moisture changes. It is even easier to maintain character grade oak wood floors since any new scratches and imperfections will blend in seamlessly.

Character grade colour options

The colour of the Character grade flooring you choose will be determined by the look you want to achieve. For example, our Silk, Ivory from our new range of colours is perfect for those in search of softness. Light colour wood floors >> help open up and enlarge any space and brighten up a dark room or add an extra touch of charm to a shabby chic or modern decor.

Dark oak wood floors >> look sophisticated and mysterious and are an excellent match for character grade. If cracks, large or small branches are covered with Ecohardwood Walnut, Ebony, Anthracite, Brown Coffee or brand-new Tobacco, it smooths contrast whilst maintaining a natural appearance.

Staying with natural wood colours like Natural Oak, Naturale, Dune, Cask or Light Nut is always a great idea if you want a more classic look.

Character grade finishes 

Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring comes in 3 finishes>> sanded, brushed and cross brushed.

  •  Oak floor brushed finish is achieved by brushing the surface with wire-brushed lengthwise. This technique highlights the grain's natural beauty and creates a beautiful, textured appearance on your new floor.  From a practical perspective, it is important to mention that brushing gives extra hardness and durability to your engineered oak flooring, which will serve a lifetime. At the same time, brushed character oak flooring appears almost unaltered from its natural state. The brushed character grade engineered oak flooring is our best seller.
  • The term smooth (sanded) wood flooring refers to a flooring surface that has been sanded to produce a slick surface. The smooth finish gives the oak wood flooring a consistent appearance and feel.
  • One of the best finishes for character grade boards is the cross-brushed.  The cross-brushed oak floor surface is achieved by brushing boards in 2 directions – lengthwise and widthwise, which gives a rusty distressed look and almost unbeatable hardness of oak flooring. It is the perfect choice for the country as well as industrial style interiors, commercial premises with high foot traffic like pubs, bars, restaurants, showrooms and similar.

Character grade oak flooring interior ideas

Character grade oak flooring adds depth and warmth to any home. It also pairs well with a variety of home decor styles. Browse through the Ecohardwood project gallery to see some examples of Character grade oak flooring interior ideas.

Character grade flooring and exposed brick walls create an earthy, rustic and warm look. Natural Oak/3305>>


Ecohardwood oak flooring. Colour: Natural Oak/3305. Finish: Brushed. Grade: Character. Interior: Craft Architects

Dark oak wood floors in Character grade look slick and mysterious. Colour Graphite/3477 >>:


Ecohardwood oak flooring. Colour: Graphite/3477.  Finish: Brushed. Grade: Character. Interior: Doviles Interjeras

Character grade oak floors allow you to experience nature and benefit from its calming properties.  Colour: Silver Dust >> (brushed, rustic grade, 180mm width):


Ecohardwood oak flooring. Colour: Silver Dust. Finish: Brushed. Grade: Character. Interior: Irmina Savickiene, Interjero Kioskas. Photo by Gintaras Miltenis, Archite