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Mar 03, 2023

Ecohardwood had the pleasure of interviewing Mara Bravo, the creator of Indomo Architecture and Interior Design Studio.

Originally from Spain, Mara has lived in London for the last sixteen years, providing her architecture and design services to businesses and homeowners in the UK. She emphasizes that a living space should prioritize the user's needs - being comfortable, secure, and encouraging creativity. She is proud to have achieved the WELL AP accreditation, signifying her proficiency in developing healthy and thriving buildings with the WELL Building Standard.

wood flooring london
Ecohardwood oak wood flooring in London. Colour: Natural Oak / 3305 >>. Grade: Character >>. Finish: Brushed >>. Planks size: 14.5x180mm >>. Interior design by Mara Bravo, Indomo. Project in London, Islington.

- We would love to learn more about the project involving Ecohardwood oak flooring installation. Could you please tell us about the environment, customer, and colours you decided to work with?

- To meet the request of our client, who desired a minimalist yet functional home, we planned to have plain walls that were painted white. To add a touch of flair, they wanted to display artwork, posters, and souvenirs from their travels around the world. To ensure a sense of warmth and continuity, we opted for engineered wood flooring and discovered Ecohardwood. Not only was the balance between quality and price ideal, but we were also pleased with the non-toxic, eco-friendly nature of the wood flooring materials. Furthermore, the samples arrived promptly, and the customer service we received was both courteous and friendly, so we decided to go with this product. In the end, we chose Natural oak colour for its eye-catching hue and textured feel. It was installed throughout the home, including in the kitchen.

- In the overall design of a home, what role does the floor play? 

- Flooring is essential to the layout of any home or office. In a large open-plan space, flooring can define separate areas and add continuity, creating a sense of space. In addition, it is the background of all furniture, so the colour and material chosen are extremely important, adding character and atmosphere to a room. Therefore, flooring should not be overlooked as an essential part of any building's design.

wood flooring london
Ecohardwood oak wood flooring in London. Colour: Natural Oak / 3305 >>. Grade: Character >>. Finish: Brushed >>. Planks size: 14.5x180mm >>. Interior design by Mara Bravo, Indomo. Project in London, Islington.

- Do you have any tips or advice for choosing the flooring for their project?

- It is essential to consider how the space in your home or office will be used, as that will provide you with a starting point. Moreover, the flooring's quality, durability, and maintenance are factors to keep in mind, as it must be hardwearing and long-lasting. Furthermore, take into account the texture and colour, which can give a nice, unique character to the room.

- What architectural and interior design elements do you like the most?

- My design style is very eclectic, as I love combining various aesthetics. Natural materials and the play of light are particularly important to me due to my Spanish background. As an architect, I recognise that walls separate space, yet as an interior designer, I recognise their potential to become much more. Thus, I'm often drawn to transforming walls into furniture, creatively using them to achieve something different.

wood flooring london
Ecohardwood oak wood flooring in London. Colour: Natural Oak / 3305 >>. Grade: Character >>. Finish: Brushed >>. Planks size: 14.5x180mm >>. Interior design by Mara Bravo, Indomo. Project in London, Islington.

- What are some of your favourite architectural and interior design trends?

- People have grown more passionate about embracing environmentally friendly construction materials and non-toxic and healthy products, which is encouraging. Additionally, vibrant hues in architecture and interior design are becoming increasingly popular.

- And are there any trends that you hope will never come back?

- There are several trends I wish would never return, such as using toxic materials, which are terrible for us. Despite this, there is still a significant amount of toxic materials used in the construction market, with some people unaware of the dangers. When it comes to shopping for food, one can generally check the contents of what they are buying, but this isn't the same with building or decorative materials such as furniture, carpets, and flooring as the pollutants and toxins that may be inside them can't be seen. In this situation, we have to trust the manufacturer and the company we purchase them from. Hopefully, in the future, we will see more businesses come out and inform us about what's inside their products.

- Many people still believe that installing wooden flooring is expensive. Is this really the case?

- If you opt for a cheaper material for your flooring, it may need to be changed within 3-4 years. In the long run, this will cost you more than investing in a more durable option. However, though the initial cost may only be a small portion of the entire project, it can significantly increase the property's value. Therefore, investing in good engineered wood flooring will ultimately save you money in the future, as you won't need to redo it. As an example, I am currently working on a project where the house had carpets installed. Usually, carpets are good for up to five years but are more challenging to keep clean as they tend to absorb dust and dirt. Therefore, it is wise to invest in a material that will last a long time and is easy to maintain, especially when there are children around. My two kids are 12 and 14 years old, and maintenance and sustainable and non-toxic products are of utmost importance.

- As the owner of an architecture and interior design firm, how do you stay productive? What are your top tips and tricks for success?

- I am passionate about drawing, so mind-mapping with bubbles has become a creative outlet. Not only does it allow me to visualise my plans better, but also I can see the progress I'm making. Additionally, I use Google Calendar and Notion to remain productive. The Notion is a fantastic platform to use when working on multiple projects.

 - Apart from drawing and architecture, are there any other hobbies you indulge in when not working?

 - I like exploring new destinations in and around London with my family. I also love swimming, cooking, or engaging in crafts for much-needed relaxation.

- What sources of inspiration do you use to get ideas for architecture and interior design?

- I love exploring blogs and magazines that focus on art, design, architecture, and culture, such as Trendland, Thisispaper, Ignant, Openhouse Magazine, Frame, Dezeen, Designboom, Wallpaper, and Architectural Digest. I also find it helpful to use Google to visit the websites of top architectural and design studios and see their work. And of course, nothing beats actually visiting and experiencing beautiful design spaces in person!

 - What motivated you to pursue a career in architecture?

 - Combining my passion for art with my strong math skills, I determined that architecture would be the ideal career choice. It offers both artistic fulfilment and a means of enhancing the lives of others. Furthermore, it presents me with plenty of opportunities to overcome challenges while helping people make improvements to their living spaces, which can, in turn, make their lives better.

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