Wood Flooring Adhesives

We recommend using STAUF adhesives – choosing the correct adhesive is an important aspect when installing wooden flooring. The right adhesive will increase the service life and performance of your floor. You can only appreciate all of the benefits of your wooden floor if you use a specialist and reliable adhesive. To achieve best results, it is very important that you choose adhesive based on the type of flooring you plan to install: whether it is a two-layer, a three-layer or a solid wood floor.
We are representatives of STAUF, a leading company in the German adhesives industry, boasting over 175 years of experience in the production of adhesives. These adhesives are suitable for underfloor heating. The most common types of adhesives used in installing floors are polymer adhesives, polyurethane adhesives and solvent-based adhesives that do not contain any water. When using these adhesives, wooden flooring can be glued directly onto the concrete sub-floor.