These are for guide purposes only. Always read the manufacturers' recommendations and use professional installers.

• Humidity of the environment should be within the range of 40 – 60%
• Wall moisture content should be 2%
• Screed moisture content shouldn’t exceed 1.5%
• Room temperature should be between +18° - +24°C
• Sub-floor screen temperature should be between +18° - +21°C
• Only unpack the floor planks immediately before installation
• We recommend applying primer before gluing the planks
• Use glue that doesn’t contain water
• Leave a gap of 1-1.5cm from the walls
• If you have underfloor heating, don’t switch the heating on for at least 3 days
• Only raise the heating temperature by 2°-3°C a day
• Maximum heating temperature cannot exceed +28°C

To ensure maximum stability, our recommended installation method is glue planks all the bottom down to a sub-floor.