Oak stair cladding

Oak stairs are one of the most desirable choices for many homeowners due to its durability, practicality, easy maintenance, and elegance style. However, it can be quite expensive to design and install a brand-new wood staircase. Also, in some older UK properties, it’s not even possible to do so at all. If you want oak stairs, a great alternative idea is to clad your current stairs with engineered oak flooring.

Generally, cladding is a term described as covering and protecting the surface with other materials. Stair cladding (wood covering for stairs/wooden flooring on stairs) covers the existing stairs with wooden floor planks. It is affordable and easy to install, compliments the overall design, and adds value to your property.


Why choose stair cladding with engineered oak flooring?


The main advantage of choosing engineered hardwood flooring rather than solid wood for your stair makeover is that it gives you the same look as solid wood, but adds more stability, providing resistance to temperature differences and moisture, reduces daily wear and tear and is also considerably cheaper.

If you decide to refurbish your stairs by cladding them with engineered oak flooring – you will also need oak stair nosings. A stair nose is installed on the front of each step to construct a flawless joint between the tread and the riser. Wooden stair nosings give your new wood stairs not only a precise integrated look but also improves safety. As it sticks out a little over the edge of the tread by providing some extra space for users to place their feet, it becomes much more visible, therefore minimises accidents involving slipping, tripping and falling. Moreover, an oak stair nose gives extra support and durability, protects the staircase edge from breakage and damage, so your new cladded oak stairs will stand time test to perfection.

Ecohardwood company manufactures and supplies solid oak stair nosings so you can match the colour and finish of your oak stairs seamlessly with the flooring. Please see the designs of the stair noses profiles to compliment 14.5mm and 20mm thickness Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring below.


For 14,5 mm thickness For 20 mm thickness


Our oak stair nosings are 1200mm in length. They are available for sale throughout our colour range, from white, greyish colours such as Waterfall, Ivory, Extra White, Ocean Breeze, Nordic White, more natural colours like Colourless, Oak, to dark ones like Antique, Ebony, Deep Black. We even supply unfinished stair noses if you are looking for a bespoke tone to give your oak stairs a neat and unique finish. Please explore our colour range at the end of this article.

Oak stair cladding cost

The dimensions and prices of standard Ecohardwood engineered oak stair cladding set are:

  1. Solid Oak Stairnose - 14.5mm thick x 1200mm length - £26.40 incl. VAT/per unit
  2.  2 x Engineered Oak Flooring Planks – 14.5mm thick x 180mm width x 1200 length - £70 incl.VAT/per unit

Cost per step (including tread, riser, and stair nose) - £96.40 incl. VAT

The maximum coverage of your tread is 230 mm

Please note, that this price is for the supply only and doesn't include delivery charge and installation if required. 




Oak stair cladding method guidelines


The critical rule of cladding stairs with engineered oak flooring to follow is to glue planks all the bottom down to your existing staircases to ensure maximum stability and most importantly safety.

In summary, if you decide to buy our engineered hardwood flooring, you should take into consideration adding oak stair cladding. You will be astonished by the final result and transformation of your home. However, cladding stairs with oak flooring requires professional expertise and attention to detail to ensure that your old stairs merge with new wood flooring excellently and ensure a new beyond reproach look and integrity of your home. We are proud of our expert team, who is always ready to help with your oak stairs’ renovation project. Feel free to get in touch with our sales office for more information and a quote.



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