Maintenance and Warranty


For the floor to retain its qualities and serve you for a long time, it requires proper maintenance and ensuring the following conditions:

  • Relative humidity should be 40 – 65 % and the temperature should be +18°C - +24°C in rooms with wood floors.
  • We recommend replacing hard wheels of chairs with soft ones or use special pads under the chairs.
  • We recommend gluing felt or another soft material to the furniture legs to avoid scratching the surface of the floor.
  • Placemats by the entrance to protect the floor from dirt and water.
  • We recommend renewing oiled floors every several years by coating it with colorless oil.
  • Regular cleaning of floors should be done with a vacuum cleaner, a dry wipe or a lightly wet soft wipe squeezing out excess moisture.
  • Liquids that might leave stains (e.g. red wine, coffee) should be cleaned immediately.
  • Area rugs should be occasionally moved, as they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discoloration under the rug. No thermal blocking carpets are allowed on the floor.
  • Please use only special cleaning products for wood floors.


Remember that wood is a natural product. Irrespective of the finish, with time wood, will change its color. Wood is especially sensitive to direct sunlight. Floors with 'AQUA'  and steam finishing will acquire their final shade only several months after installation.

Depending on the duration and conditions of growth of trees, wood has different shades and textures – it's normal. For example, the color of planks may not be identical, since every tree is of a unique color, every shade looks different covered on different planks. Different patterns of flutes and heart rays make every plank unique.


We recommend checking the quality, finish, and color of the floor before installing. If you have any doubts concerning visual defects, it is very important to submit claims before installation. The manufacturer shall not be liable for floor planks with defects that have been installed. It shall also not be liable for defects arising from: improper storage of floor planks; use and /or installation of floors in unsuitable conditions; improper laying of the planks or unsuitable maintenance.


 Ecowood Oak flooring is covered by a limited 10-year residential warranty against manufacturing defects.

Ecohardwood Limited (company number 08234374) guarantees the customer a period of 10 years from the moment the purchase is invoiced, subject to the exclusions and limitation that are listed below:

This warranty shall only extend to defects as a direct result of faulty manufacture and not to any other defects or faults.

No warranty is provided for products installed in any form for commercial use or any commercial environment.

The liability of Ecohardwood under this warranty is subject to the following:

  • The defect does not arise as a result of the purchaser’s or any installer’s negligence.
  • The product has not been previously installed in another location.
  • Repair has not been undertaken by anyone other than Ecohardwood or authorized representatives of Ecohardwood.
  • The product is not subject to misuse, abuse, or failure to properly check or install. An Ecohardwood representative must act reasonably while validating the claim under the warranty.

This warranty does not form part of any contract of sale, but is not intended to affect, or otherwise, replace, rights and obligations conferred by any contract of sales, or by Common Law. Where the purchaser is a consumer, the purchaser has certain statutory rights regarding the return of defective products, claims in respect of losses caused by Ecohardwood negligence or faulty product, and this warranty shall not affect the purchaser’s statutory rights.

Ecohardwood’s liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the products or refund of all or part of the value of the products.