Oak details not only create the impression of luxury but also become a long-lasting option for the interior due to its quality and strength. No wonder they remain a massive trend throughout the seasons, which ultimately makes them a fantastic choice, providing a stylish and classy look.

 Apart from these features, oak brings a lot of comfort and safety. It’s a great conductor, suitable for underfloor floor heating. All in all, consider it as a good investment in your interior no matter what you’re planning: housing, offices, commercial venues, and many more.


Rebecca Nokes design, Cabinetry by John Lewis Of Hungerford

This season, take a look at earth tones primarily. Wooden details are a fantastic option there, so you won’t miss out while choosing them for your interiors. Also, think about the rustic style and bold yet natural colours: grey, light blue or even dark shades will look distinctively, but not eclectic at all. As a result, you’ll be able to make the most of original and timeless interiors.

 Moxy & Co Studio design

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