After extensive research and testing, our designers, colourists and oak wood experts created two new engineered oak flooring colours: Silk and Tobacco. Colours, which undoubtedly will create more opportunities to add cosiness and exclusivity to your home.

Tobacco colour oak floors

 Tobacco >> is a deep, rich and natural solid shade. It looks great over Character grade oak boards. The use of Tobacco colour to cover cracks, large or small knots, smooths contrast while maintaining a natural look. There is almost a feeling of walking barefoot on the ground, taking in the strength of nature. Our Tobacco colour can be applied to brushed and deep cross-brushed (recommended) floorboards.

Silk colour oak floors

 Silk >> engineered oak flooring is perfect for those in search of softness. A colour like this reveals the texture of wood and the play of shades. Light colours help to open up and enlarge any room. The silky oak floor's surface allures you to sit on it and feel your feet and hands gripping it. A fun floor for children to play on! Adding Silk colour on Character or Country grade floorboards gives a special effect - the soft, satin surface mutes the natural expressivity of the wood but leaves slightly visible knots. This Silk colour can go only on brushed finish Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring.


Luxury shades are the trend of the season, according to interior designers. The subtle shine creates a luxurious feel, blends well with natural materials (such as stone), and reflects light. Ecohardwood engineered oak flooring in Silk colour looks great with silk carpets, limestone or marble tiles. It creates harmony by eliminating contrast and provides an excellent base for other interior elements.

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