Being a sustainable wood flooring brand: tree planting and other activities at Ecohardwood

Apr 17, 2023

No one knows oak better than a forester, and it was with that knowledge that Ecowood group was founded 20 years ago. 

Quality products and dedication will take you a long way: starting as a humble workshop, our manufacturing facilities have since grown into state-of-the-art production sites with over 350 skilled professionals. The company has established offices in the United Kingdom (Ecohardwood), Lithuania (Medzio Stilius), Poland (Styl Drzewa), and Ukraine (Dubava Sawmill), and it supplies timber products, double oak engineered wood flooring, stairs and doors, to customers throughout Europe.

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Oak planting tradition

The soul of the Ecowood group lies in oak. Many of our employees have forestry backgrounds, and we use their expertise to ensure that nature is respected and protected for future generations. 

From day one, we have been committed to both social and environmental responsibility, which includes planting oak trees every spring. Growing new trees ensures continuous supply of oak wood for future generations and also has many environmental benefits. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in their biomass, helping mitigate climate change's effects. Oak trees are long-lived, they produce oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, provide habitat for wildlife, and help to stabilize soil and prevent erosion. Over 3000 trees were planted in Lithuania in April this year with the help of local forest managers.

What else makes us an eco-conscious wood flooring brand

1. Crafting quality timber products with longevity in mind

Ecohardwood double oak engineered wood flooring will last decades when properly maintained and cared for. The same applies to other products like stairs, doors, and oak wall cladding. In addition to reducing the need for frequent replacement, quality, long-lasting timber products decrease the demand for new timber and the environmental impact of wood harvesting. It promotes sustainable forest management practices and helps protect natural resources and ecosystems.

2. FSC certified wood flooring company

As an FSC® certified company (FSC® C007915), we buy our raw materials from European forests committed to responsible forestry. Almost 600 species of oak are used in the flooring and construction industries. Using more common types of oak, we can preserve rarer species and enable them to thrive. For the production of timber products, we exclusively select European oak trees which have reached full maturity and are over 100 years old: though still very strong and resilient, they are near the end of their life expectancy. In some scenarios, an oak tree may remain alive for another hundred years, depending on factors like habitat or heredity. After reaching a hundred years, however, the oak trees typically start to weaken and is more prone to suffering damage or disease. It's a circle of life: a mature oak tree can extend its life span as a sustainable resource for our homes and buildings, and the next generation of oak trees will take its place.

3. Zero waste policy

Ecohardwood is committed to minimizing waste and using every part of the tree to make timber products. We use advanced technology to maximize the yield from each tree, ensuring that no part of the tree is wasted.

4. Low VOC emissions

Ecohardwood's flooring and other timber products are made using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesives and finishes. This means our flooring and other products have lower emissions of harmful chemicals. We work with suppliers who share their commitment to sustainability. To bond plank layers together, we use eco-friendly PU glue without formaldehyde. Later in the process, water based SAICOS stains and oils are applied to finish the project. SAICOS is a reputable and trusted German company that also supplies children's toy manufacturers with its products. We use non-toxic, high-quality, durable, and long-lasting materials to manufacture our FSC-certified engineered oak wood flooring, stairs and doors. 

5. Carbon neutral wood flooring production

Ecohardwood is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. In our factory, we use renewable energy sources and have implemented energy-efficient practices in the manufacturing process.

6. 100% European oak wood flooring

Ecohardwood only uses European oak and European products in its manufacturing process, potentially reducing its carbon footprint. As a result, long-distance or air transportation is not required, and the associated emission levels are reduced.

As Ecowood group continues to expand and progress over the years, something that remains unchanged is our shared passion for knowledge, respect for oak and nature, high work ethics, and commitment to quality at every stage of the process.

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We recently collaborated with Ecohardwoods for our project in Ealing, and I must say, the experience was outstanding. A special thanks to Irmantas for his invaluable assistance. His expertise in engineered wood was evident in the quality of materials we received. The precision and quality of their engineered wood contributed immensely to the aesthetic and durability of our project. Our clients were extremely pleased with the results. Kudos to Irmantas and the Ecohardwoods team for their exemplary service and top-tier products. Highly recommend them for anyone in need of premium engineered wood supplies.
The product was of excellent quality and very well finished. Beautiful solid light oak, planed on all faces and accurate. Speedy responses to queries before I placed my order, and then a completely smooth experience of ordering and receiving goods. Arrived well packed - really excellent experience - highly recommend Ecohardwood Ltd
Highly motivated approach to customer service, exceptionally high quality flooring, delivered exactly on the day that was first estimated, extremely pleased and satisfied with the whole experience and will be placing another order in the next month or two for phase 2 of my flooring project.
Hamilford Design have used Ecohardwood floors across multiple projects. The product is incredible and the team are extremely professional and efficient. We look forward to working with them in the future!
We used Dune brushed throughout our new house renovation. Absolutely love it. Beautiful tone, interesting details, hard wearing. I did wax the floors after installation as recommended which takes some time but makes all the difference. Highly recommend.
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