About Us

ECOHARDWOOD LTD was founded in 2012.

ECOHARDWOOD is the official UK sales office of Lithuanian manufacturer ECOWOOD, which produces more than 200,000 m² of oak flooring, 7,000 oak doors and 500 sets of oak stairs per year. More information about ECOWOOD: www.ecowood.eu

ECOWOOD's Symmetrical True Balanced 3-Layer Oak Flooring (top and bottom oak layers) construction for maximum all-dimensional stability is the best engineered flooring structure in the market.

ECOWOOD was founded in 2002. Production plant, that includes facilities, warehouses and kiln driers, is based in the area of over 5 ha, which is located in Vilkija, near Kaunas, Lithuania.

ECOWOOD currently employs more than 140 skilled woodworking professionals.

Check for more oak products on ECOWOOD.eu