About Us

ECOHARDWOOD LTD was founded in 2012.

ECOHARDWOOD is the official UK sales office of Lithuanian manufacturer ECOWOOD, who produce more than 200,000 m² of oak flooring, 7,000 oak doors and 500 sets of oak stairs per year. More information about ECOWOOD: www.ecowood.eu

ECOWOOD's Symmetrical True Balanced 3-Layer Oak Flooring (top and bottom oak layers) construction for maximum all-dimensional stability probably is the best engineered flooring structure on the market.

ECOWOOD was founded in 2002. Production plant including production facilities, warehouses and kiln driers takes area over 5 ha and is located in Vilkija, near Kaunas, Lithuania.

ECOWOOD currently employees more than 140 skilled woodworking professionals.

Check for more oak products on ECOWOOD.eu